Change your Thoughts, Change Yourself

Good afternoon and happy Monday!  I hope you are all having a great start to the week.  Thank you for reading my blog.  Today I am going to talk about how to change yourself by changing your thoughts.

Sue writes “How do we change the way we think?”  Well Sue, it is a challenging yet simple process that is very rewarding, since what we think and believe literally create our reality.  Our thoughts and beliefs are intertwined, and they determine the outcome of our life.  It we believe we are going to fail at something, then we will think negative thoughts about each thing we try, thereby creating situations that will fail us.  We sabotage ourselves with negative thoughts, reinforcing the belief that we were destined to fail.  If we believe we are going to succeed, then we think optimistic thoughts that make us confident, thereby creating situations that will create success for us.  We reward ourselves, reinforcing the belief that we will succeed.

Sometimes in life things happen to throw us into a downward spiral.  I call it hitting quicksand.  No matter how hard we try, no matter how much effort we exert, we seem to come up against roadblocks and obstacles.  Everything happens for a reason, and so when you find yourself in this situation, the first step is to recognize what is happening.  If we are so caught up in the struggle to hold on to what we have got, we can miss the bigger picture which may be telling us that it is time to naturally move on in life.  If we don’t take a moment to stop struggling – which is hard because it is counter intuitive for us – then we can miss out on an opportunity to make changes more easily.  Worse yet, we may miss out on understanding why things are happening to us, and remain locked in self restrictive patterns.

Meditating can help us to get in touch with this higher divine wisdom and apply it to our lives.  The first step is to apply this practice if you are not already.  If you never stop to evaluate your situation from a spiritual perspective you are going to struggle harder than you need to in your life lessons.  Once you have begun to meditate, and opened your mind to help from a higher source, then you are ready to make changes in your life that are exciting and fun.  You can affect your outcomes in marvelous ways by taking what you learn through meditation and changing the way you think.  It is not the easiest process in the world, but it is possible.  It just takes commitment and practice.

Most of us think the same thoughts each day.  Over and over again.  We are capable of processing millions of pieces of information per second: eleven million, to be precise.  We only aware of a fraction of this information, but it is there, streaming back and forth through our head all day long.  Every time we take a set of information and make a judgement based on the information, we create a belief in our head.  We can change these beliefs by purposefully changing the way we think using intentional language, or affirmations.  Every time we say something, or think something, those words carry a command to our brain that has power to affect our reality. So if we tell ourselves over and over again “I will succeed” eventually you will come to believe that command as part of your reality.  Your reality will become an expectation of success.

You will automatically seek out and find success in your life.  You will be guided to your true desires, by understanding in new ways how to go about getting your work done more effectively and efficiently.  You will begin to see the world as an array of opportunities that exist in a state of potential and possibility.  How do you know if you are there yet?  If you are trying to change your thoughts to get yourself out of a negative mindset, and you are using affirmations every day all day long, then re-read the first three sentences of this paragraph regularly.  Write them down on an index card and carry it around with you.  As you change, the meaning of the words change, and when the magic happens you will see it for your own eyes.  Unfortunately, I cannot explain it much better because it is an experience you have to have for yourself.  I can tell you that if you haven’t had it, then you need to keep working at it, and not to give up.  You are the master of your brain, and you determine what happens in your life.  Don’t let your reality be determined by a set of beliefs you may not even like or really believe.

When you begin to change, you will see everything differently.  What you read, what you see, what you hear, your interactions with others – all this information will begin to be processed in a different way, creating new understandings for you.  As you change, once you have made the realization that you are in fact changing, you will also realize that it is easier to make changes intentionally.  In fact, you will begin to prefer this as to just drifting along.  It is like the difference between cable and netflix.  With cable, you are just given the shows and commercials to watch.  With netflix, you have to stop and ask yourself “What do I want to watch?”  The question can be a little overwhelming at first.  Ask yourself “What do I want to think?” instead of just following a random stream.

Now a word about your brain and thoughts.  You brain retrieves information by association and popularity – making it a lot like a google search.  Each time you think of something, say for example the color ‘blue’ – your brain instantly pulls up all of the associated information.  All of it.  Every memory, every idea, every belief, anything inside that organic matrix of ours related to the color blue is pulled up, and it is sorted by how often we use the information and how strongly we believe in the truth of the information.  When we think an association of information together, we reinforce the connection, so that when we think of ourselves if we think a word like ‘happy’ or ‘smoker’ or ‘broke’ each different word pulls up a new set of information that connects to the first like a lego.  But thoughts are sticky, like a post it, and they can be re-arranged.

Let’s look at ‘smoker’.  If you are trying to quit smoking, then you are likely ultra-aware of this habit in your life and the fact you need to quit.  If when you think of yourself, you think ‘I am a smoker’, you are re-enforcing that belief that you smoke.  You may also notice that they stream of thoughts following this leads you to a series of images and memories about smoking.  Well try this.  When you think of yourself and you catch the thought ‘I am a smoker’ then quickly say ‘I don’t smoker anymore’, or ‘I am a non-smoker’.  Even if you don’t believe the words, say them in your head or even aloud if able (without people thinking you are nanners) with conviction. Re-enforce the message by purposefully thinking of something you are doing to quit smoking, like cutting down or walking.  Or even just imagine yourself happy and smiling with no cigarette in your mouth.  Eventually you will believe this, but the key – THE KEY – is repetition and commitment.  Commitment to repeating this new belief each time you catch the old one until you begin to feel the change.  You will know when it happens.

You can use this process to change anything about yourself.  You can change your entire life, to make your self more successful, more happy, more healthy, more anything.  Like I said, the trick is to be committed and to follow through.  As you feel different, your habits will change.  Watch for these changes, support them, and encourage them.  These are your new reality coming about.  As you change you will see opportunities you didn’t see before, even if they were right in front of you.  Watch for these opportunities and take advantage of them.  You will find that as you do you begin to automatically watch for new opportunities.  Do not be afraid to try something different, because change doesn’t happen unless you change.

And that is what this blog is all about.  Changing yourself, and your life, from the inside out.  Thank you for reading along, if you have any questions email me at seanwescott at live dot com.  Have a great day, and have fun changing!


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