Helping Addicts

Good morning!  I hope your weekend is off to a good start.  If you are working, don’t work too hard, and if you are off, make sure you have some fun today!  Thank you for reading my blog.  Today I am talking about helping the addicts among us.

Almost all of us have been affected by addiction.  Either directly or indirectly, we have all either dealt with addiction ourselves, had a loved one that is addicted, or know of someone that is dealing with these issues.  Addiction rates are on the rise right now.  Many people are suffering, and turning to drugs for self medication.  You may feel powerless over this phenomenon, but you are not.  There is much you can do to help.

When someone becomes addicted we lose touch with that person, often gradually.  They can be in our midst and unable to be reached.  They might also be so swept away in their addiction they actually physically leave our lives.  Both scenarios are painful.  Both leave loved ones mystified, hurt, and feeling powerless to help.  Truly, addiction is a powerful force and it wreaks havoc on lives.  But it is something that can be fought with tools you can use that are at your disposal twenty four hours a day.

When you have lost touch with someone through addiction, one of the most powerful tools at your disposal is prayer.  Since you may not directly connect to or get through to the person affected, prayer is an effective and worthy practice that will help both your addicted love one, yourself, other addicts, and the world in general.  Prayer is a tool you can use to help your loved one from afar.  God hears your prayers, and every time you pray for your loved one it sends out a loving energy toward them.  Even just one prayer from one person can have a dramatic change in someone’s life.

Since you are dealing with a dire situation when you are combating the powers of addiction, it is advisable to consider the use of continual prayer.  When I say continual prayer, what I mean is, each time you think of the situation at hand, say a prayer to God for your loved one.  Ask God to send his angels to protect and guide them to safety.  Ask God to send divine wisdom and guidance to your loved one, that they may have a moment of clarity and truth leading to a change of heart.

When you think of your loved one, instead of imagining them as they might be at the moment, visualize them happy and healthy in your head, with a glow of bright light around them.  Imagine them standing in your home with you, safe and sound, holding hands with you.  Imagine hugging them and giving them love and warmth.  Imagine them making wise choices, and coming home.  Our imagination is a powerful tool.  What we visualize often becomes reality, all the more so the more we use focus on our desired result.  Take advantage of this tool.

Since you are dealing with a dire situation, it is advisable to set aside a certain amount of time each day to pray, meditate, and reflect on your situation.  Intentional focus of thought in this way will help to bring about a favorable result.  You may want to ask God to bring you into touch with others who are suffering the same plight, so that you may join forces and work together.  There is strength in numbers, and when people pray together for a common outcome, the energy going toward that desired result is increased which increased the favorable odds of your desired goal.

You will find too that prayer will help you heal in your own life.  If you do not know what to say, then just talk to God.  Tell God what is going on, how you are feeling, what is wrong and what you would like to have happen.  Ask God to remove the sorrow and fear from your heart  so you can be more effective.  When you are done praying, meditate for a time to give God a chance to answer you.  Keep practicing this throughout the day, on a daily basis, and your communication with God will become more clear.  You will gain insights for things to pray for about the situation that never occurred to you before.  You will be given guidance for things you can do to help the situation, both for your addicted love one, and for yourself.

Above all, pray for yourself that you can remain bright and optimistic about a favorable outcome.  Positive energy attracts positive results.  I know, this sounds crazy, because when we are in dire straights with a difficult situation like addiction, it is sad and we want to be sad.  But sadness only gives way to more sadness.  Feel your sorrow, recognize and acknowledge your emotion.  Cry, and then look for a way to help.  Do whatever you can to occupy yourself in a productive manner.  Sorrow will return, and when it does, just repeat the process.  Acknowledge your feelings, cry, and look for a way back to being positive.  We have the power to affect great changes in the world around us.

What we think, what we believe, what we do, these things all create our reality.  So you are not totally powerless at all.  In fact, when you call on the power of God to help you, you have got the almighty at your back.  That is some powerful back up.  God wants you to call on him for help, so don’t wait.  Call on him today, use the tool of prayer, and you will be amazed at the powerful results.

Thank you for reading along, if you have any questions or a specific concern you would like to have addressed, email me at seanwescott at live dot com.   Have a great day!


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