Hello!  I hope you are having a great week, and looking forward to a great weekend.  Thank you for reading my blog.  Today I want to talk to you about Miracles!

What is a miracle?  Wikipedia calls a miracle ‘an event not explicable by natural or scientific laws’.  Often miracles are attributed to God.  Many of us may think of a miracle as an event like Jesus walking on water, or Moses parting the sea.  But I am here to tell you that miracles happen every day, big and small.  If we look for them, we can see them.  Part of meditating is bringing ourselves into alignment with the divine so that we are better in tune with the miracles that happen every day in our life.

By quieting our minds, we are better able to receive the wisdom of the angels and God.  When we do so, when we practice shutting out the noise of the outside world, we are able to look back on our lives and see events where things happened in our favor that are hard to explain.  Sometimes it is a cab being in the right place at the right time, when it made no sense.  It may be a phone call that comes just when you are thinking of that person.  Or perhaps someone smiles at you at just the right time, or tells you just what you needed to hear, when you needed to hear it.

I have heard all  sorts of tales of miracles, some mundane, some truly strange.  One person was out partying one night, and on the the way home encountered a man sitting on the outside of freeway overpass, ready to jump.  That person was able to talk the man out of jumping, and so bought him another day.  One person told me that they really needed a cigarette.  Upon walking along they came across a freshly lit cigarette, laying on the ground right in front of them, with no way or how for someone else to have laid it there.  Strange indeed.  I am not suggesting that God or the angels advocate smoking, but they do know what we need direly when we need it, and love us enough to help provide what we need most when we need it.

In both cases, the people involved in the miracles were forever changed in their relationship to God.  Faith was born into their lives, and I am happy to say that in the case of the latter that person eventually quit smoking.  God is gentle, and caring, with a knack for being subtly sublime at just the right time to have a dramatic impact on our hearts and our lives.  Nothing happens by mistake in this world, everything has a meaning.  God knows exactly when and how to impact us in a powerful way.

Sometimes it may seem as though we are so beset with difficulty that a miracle will never happen.  Sometimes we go for long stretches in our lives where drudgery is the norm, and our problems persist.  But God gives us these challenges so we will turn to him in our hour of need.  If you look closely at your life, you may see the miracles that have already occurred.  The neat thing about miracles is, when you acknowledge them and give thanks for them, more will occur.  Moreover, you can ask God for a miracle.  A miracle is divine intervention in our lives, and God is more than willing to help.  We just have to ask for help.  Sometimes we have to ask more than once, and that is okay too.

Repetitive prayer is a ritual of many traditions, and it is healthy.  Prayer and meditation give us divine wisdom.  If we ask for something and it does not come to pass, then perhaps it is not the best path for you.  Upon reflection, if you have not received what you asked for, if you ask for guidance and meditate for the answer, then you will be given the divine wisdom of your true path.  Truth is good, and healthy, and will set you on your true path.  That is also a miracle!  In fact, every time we are given wisdom, that is a miracle, because it brings us closer to God and our true purpose on Earth.

Another miracle waiting for you is communion with God and the angels.  The more you ask for help, the more you meditate for the answers, the more you take action on the wisdom you are given, the more often and easier it becomes to talk to God and get help.  This is a great miracle!  For without Gods help, we are truly blind and wandering in a fog of confusion.  How much easier it is to have the help and guidance to know what is a better answer for us.  How much happier we are when we are set on a course that is in alignment with our true purpose.  How much less we have to struggle.

Now a word about miracles and Gods help.  Sometimes, when we ask for something in our lives, what happens is that everything may seem to start going wrong.  This is not a bad thing, this is God showing you the changes you need to make in your life in order to have what you truly want.  If you keep meditating, and keep asking for help, you will be shown the way one step at a time.  God will help you through the most challenging times of your life.  God wants what is good for you, and God wants for you not to struggle needlessly.  It is up to us to do the work and figure it out.  If you ask for the guidance to make the choices best for you, the answers will always come.  If you listen.

A word about struggle:  If you are having a hard time in your life, if you are pursuing a project that is not going anywhere no matter how hard you try, then that is a clear signal to look closely at your life and ask for some guidance.  When you are pursuing your true purpose in life, events will flow more easily in your life.  That is one way you can tell when you are on the right path.  When we are doing something that is not the right path, or is not the best path for us, then the road is nearly impossible.  It is impassable, no matter how hard we try, no matter how much effort we put in to the work.  We toil, and we struggle, to no avail.  This is a clue to seek guidance for a better path.

Struggle is not to be confused with hard work, however.  Often times when we are on the right path, we have to work hard.  Hard work is a valuable practice, it strengthens our character and often provides a solid foundation on which to build our successes.  This is always that case when we work in cooperation with God.  The path God shows you may be long, and may have much hard work involved, but it will yield long term benefits in your life.  Do not shy away from hard work.  Seek your truth, ask God for help, and work diligently toward your true purpose, and you will always reap rewards.

So pray on miracles.  Ask God to show you the miracles in your life.  The next time you meditate, listen to what you are told, and you will be shown the countless times you have been helped, and the ways you have helped other people.  We are all in this together, and you too have played the role of a miracle in another persons life, for sure.  The more you seek the wisdom, the more you take action on what you are shown, the more help you will receive, and the easier your life will be to navigate!  What a miracle!

Thank you again for reading my blog, I hope you found this helpful.  If you have questions, email me at sean at rockmorerecords dot com, and I will do my best to help.

Have a wonderful blessed night!


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