Healing Your Body

Good morning!  I hope you are having a nice start to the week.  Thank you for reading my blog.  Recently I am aware of some people that are having health issues in their lives, and so I am going to talk to you about healing your body.

God has given us a great gift in the human body.  Our bodies are designed to heal.  If they were not, broken bones would not set and we would not fight off colds.  Occasionally we are beset with serious health issues that overwhelm us and seem as though our lives are ruined.  Our body may be able to fix some of these issues if given the proper chance.  Our diets today are so heavy and over loaded with chemicals that the body is so busy digesting food and breaking down chemicals, it never has a chance to get to repairing more serious issues at hand.  There are measures you can take to try and help your body repair more serious issues.

First let me talk a little bit about our diet today and why it hurts our body.  We consume a LOT of sodium, sugar, caffeine, alcohol and a multitude of chemicals that all take a toll on our liver and our bodies ability to heal itself.

Sodium as we use it in our food today is extremely out of balance.  Natural salt contains every mineral your body needs to function properly, whereas common sodium and table salt have been stripped of nearly every mineral except sodium chloride.  Sodium causes bloating, raises our blood pressure, and places excessive strain on our kidneys.

Sugar is hard on your body as well.  Eating a little bit of sugar is okay if you are  healthy, but when I say a little bit I mean a teaspoon or two.  Globally our sugar consumption is off the charts, and so it is not just chance that health problems are on the rise.  Sugar shuts down your immune system, hurts your heart, and saps brain power.

Whereas caffeine has been shown to have health benefits, like anything, when consumed in excess it is bad for you.  Caffeine is addictive, and so it can be easy to use too much, and difficult to cut back once you realize you are having too much.  Too much caffeine robs your body of water and key nutrients like vitamin C.

Alcohol such as wine consumed in moderate amounts has been shown to have a positive affect on our body.  Hard alcohol and beer take a clear toll (as does drinking wine or any other alcohol to excess).  Drinking to excess just once dehydrates your body terribly.  The high sugar content shuts down your immune system, and your blood pressure can be raised for as long as one whole week.

And there are a whole host of additives and preservatives in our prepared foods today that linger in our body causing damage.  What happens in that, as I mentioned before, your system is so busy trying to detoxify itself, it never has a chance to address more serious issues.  Which it will, given the proper diet and nutrients.

The first thing to do is to get the poisons out of your system and get your diet under control.  The body does not need as much food as we are led to believe in order to survive.  Your stomach is only about the size of your fist.  It will stretch to accommodate more food, but this is taxing your system.  You must get your portion sizes under control, and eat a healthy diet with plenty of natural foods.  Try to avoid prepared, boxed food with lots of sodium.

Assuming you have an issue you want to address, there are two things you have to do in order to allow your body to repair itself. First you need to detoxify your body and second you need to nourish your body with nutrients.

You must get the chemicals out of your system.  That means, all the sodium, all the sugar, most of the caffeine and for at least several weeks, all of the alcohol.  Fasting is the easiest quickest way to clean your body.  Keep in mind, this is a challenging process.  When you remove these substances from your body you may experience headaches and changes in bowel patterns, but these will correct themselves as your body cleans itself out.

Since most of you have probably never fasted, I would recommend using brewers yeast, lecithin, and himalayan mountain salt.  Take these three items and mix them together to drink three times a day.  Serving sizes are provided on the side of the brewers yeast and lecithin containers.  I would use a tablespoon of the himalayan mountain salt (if you cannot get himalayan mountain salt, sea salt will do however try to get this from a bulk food section, as most prepared sea salts have yellow prussiate in them as an anti-flaking agent.  This is a highly toxic substance).

Now when you are fasting, the first two days are the most challenging.  After that the hunger urges are less severe, and since you are drinking nutrients, your body will not be in a state of shock for calories.  Ten days is usually sufficient to clear your body of most toxic build up.  You will notice on or about the seventh day your body will pass a particularly noxious stool, this is the effluent and chemicals built up in your system being released.  I know that is gross, but it is an important sign to watch for.

Make sure you are drinking lots of water. Adding lemon to your water helps your liver to break down toxins and process excess body fat.

There are additional things you can use to help cleanse your body.  Look for liquid bentonite to take along with your fasting regimen.  Bentonite is a clay that is electrically charged the opposite of toxins.  So like a positive to a negative magnet, it locks on to the toxins permanently bonding with them so they can be passed out of your system preventing any further harm.  Bentonite will bond with any kind of poison that should not be in body.  Be ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN to follow the directions, however, since it can cause constipation in too large a  dose.

Don’t forget to use meditation and prayer as tools to help you heal yourself.  When you are meditating on your health, in fact, whenever you think of your health issue, imagine yourself healthy and happy running around.  Or performing whatever movement or exercise you are trying to restore.  How we visualize ourselves is how we shape ourselves.  Be certain to use this as you are healing yourself, as this is one of the mysteries of the universe that works miracles.

Like prayer.  Be sure to talk to God about your situation, and ask him to help you with    whatever you are doing.  Ask him to help you make lifestyle changes.  Ask him to help you with and guide you on your fast.  Ask him for guidance in general.  When meditating on, during, or after your prayer, pay close attention to ideas or images that pop in to your head.  These are either the answers to or guidance to the answers to your prayers.  Remember, God is all powerful but we are what give him hands in the world.  It is always up to us to put in the proper work and effort to make changes.

In my time I have had to deal with sleep apnea, weight gain and crippled joints.  At one time I was so overweight it was very disturbing, I was knocking on 300 pounds.  I used fasting, natural medicine, and prayer to heal myself, and it worked.  Today I have a healthy athletic body that is free from chronic pain.  My sleep apnea has been gone for well over two years.  My hips are healed and my back pain, which I thought would never leave me, is completely gone.  What a miracle!  All of these are permanent healings, that I do not have to worry about anymore.  You can have this too.  It is simple and easy, but challenging and so it is also hard work.

If you have any questions, email me at sean at rockmorerecords dot com and I will help the best I can.  Thank you for reading along, I hope these words help you, and that you find the healing you deserve!


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